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I’m giving away a handful of these CDs as my gift to the Alt-Rock and Indie Folk world!

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Twine! (Free)

Here’s everything you get for FREE TODAY:

  • Signed “Twine” CD (Retails for $15)
  • Featured in Alt Citizen, Lost Angeles Press, and Hunter College Radio
  • 39 minutes of authentic Alternative music, ranging from high energy garage rock to stripped-back acoustic ballads

If you like The Strokes, Death Cab for Cutie, and Bright Eyes, you will definitely appreciate the music on this CD!

The Truth About This CD?
I believe that MUSIC is the way to bring people together and since Alt Rock and Indie Folk hold a special place in my heart…
I want to share it with whoever will listen!

“An emerging artist who boldly follows his own freewheeling muses into many different exciting musical territories, Taylor Bradshaw is the grand epitome of what can happen in a world where independent music and vision are encouraged over strict genre categorization and pigeonholing.

Thematically, Taylor’s debut album Twine may be all about love and relationships and trying to figure all the craziness out, but those stories are couched in a musical setting that whirl past the ears with breakneck speed with the constant ability to excite and surprise.

He’s got the punk spirit at heart, but he’s also a folkie and loves to rock till he bleeds. You never know where he’s going to take you next, and that makes his generous 11 track album a wild and triumphant whirlwind.” – Jonathan Widran

“I was in an intense relationship where we had a lot of trouble with communication. The medium of dance seemed a good metaphor” says Bradshaw, discussing how the concept for the video came together.

The task of replacing verbal communication with meaningful physical movement fell on choreographer Megan Roe who was very keen on conveying “…the fear of losing yourself in the multilayered dance of passion.”

Bradshaw himself had little prior experience as a dancer, but his partner Kerry McManus is a seasoned professional. Her fantastic performance and intense physicality throughout the sequence builds a deeply human portrayal of this emotional rollercoaster that serves as a powerful foil to Bradshaw’s menacing presence as he slips further away from humanity.

– Clayton Pacelli (Alt Citizen)

Some kind words from fans

Music brings us through the hard times and bright joys of life.

Since you’ve made it here, we’re probably similar in that way. So let me share these emotions with you and send you a copy of Twine as a thank you.

Because you’re here, it’s pay what you want!

Even if that’s $0. 🙂

I’m so stoked to get it in your hands!


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