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The Man I’d Rather Be!

I’m giving away a handful of these CDs as my gift to the Indie Folk world!

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The Man I’d Rather Be (Free)

Here’s everything you get for FREE TODAY:

  • Signed The Man I’d Rather Be CD (Retails $10)
  • A free 5 day virtual creative experience built around this EP called Escape Into the Evergreen
  • 5 songs of authentic Indie Folk music, ranging from stripped back acoustic ballads to high energy folk rock

If you like Noah Kahan, Sufjan Stevens, and Zach Bryan, you will definitely appreciate the music on this CD!

The Truth About This CD?
I believe that MUSIC is the way to bring people together and since Indie Folk holds a special place in my heart…
I want to share it with whoever will listen!

“Taylor I wanted you to know I thought this was absolutely beautiful. It felt like a poetic branch for a story foretold, like an escape into the evergreen. You would be wonderful to take somebody’s mind off their worries, you’re calming, soothing to a worried soul. What a calling you’ve got, I’m so glad to have ran across you.🌹”

  • Lisa Briant (Fan)

Taylor I’ve told you before you have been an inspirational part of my own creative musical journey. You have supported and encouraged me to continue my own journey. You have been a wonderful friend! For that I will always be grateful for everything.

  • Anna Winn (Fan)

I’m all about building genuine connections with my fans. I believe that music is about connecting with people, not putting on a show of rockstar ego. I’m here to create a real community and form friendships with the people who enjoy my music.

The response to my EP has been incredible, and it’s been amazing to see the deep connections and friendships that have formed around it. I would be thrilled if you would join us too. So why not grab a free CD and join us in this growing creative community? Let’s create something special together.

Some kind words from fans

Music brings us through the hard times and bright joys of life.

Since you’ve made it here, we’re probably similar in that way. So let me share these emotions with you and send you a copy of The Man I’d Rather Be as a thank you.

Because you’re here, it’s pay what you want!

Even if that’s $0. 🙂

I’m so stoked to get it in your hands!

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